The Workshop

SCI-Arc ABROAD is an itinerant educational initiative seeking to establish an active dialogue with talented and inquisitive students abroad. The initiative looks to propagate SCI-Arc’s unique design culture across borders and establish an open forum for the advancement of architectural education where participants are encouraged to contribute and collaborate to a truly international and diverse knowledge base.

SCI-Arc ABROAD introduces a series of focused 1-week workshops taught by SCI-Arc faculty. It provides students with a firsthand opportunity to participate in a collaborative Design Laboratory atmosphere as they delve into architectural challenges and offer an alternative and resonant voice to contemporary problems of architecture.

MXCDF.GEO is the first of a series of international workshops surveying the role of geo-sensorial instrumentation in the development of an architectural design process. The workshop is centered in Mexico City and will look at the way
ubiquitous geo-tagging sensors affect our experience of geography, environment and infrastructure. As gyroscope, accelerometer, compass and GPS sensors record accurate geometrical information about our whereabouts a newly intertwined relationship between dweller and city emerges: our ability to tag our locations, comment on our findings and broadcast our experience sets off a newfound capacity re-draw and shift the contours of our city, in real time.