Group 05 Bogotá: Commerce Metamorphosis

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The project Commerce metamorphosis aims to create a tridimensional work tool, which enables to understand the different types of commerce and its spatial distribution along some of the most important streets in Bogota, like the 82nd street, the 7th street, and the 13th street. The project receives its name because most of the identified businesses are in continuous transformation. They have emerged from residential neighborhoods that have adopted this new use in different proportions, and have transformed partially or completely the morphology and operation of the studied zones. The 3d tool was constructed through fieldwork with smartphones, which allow taking geo located pictures. In this manner different types of commerce where localized, documented and evaluated ranging from retail in non specialized establishments (rating 1) to wholesale business in specialized establishments (rating 5). Then, this data was tabulated in Excel so it was possible to load it in Rhino and Grasshopper, to create the 3d model. Finally, this information was made compatible with Google Earth so the 3d tool can be viewed in context.
In the 3d tool it is possible to understand the different types of commerce just by watching the height of the different places. If a place has a small height it means its rating was low, so it means it was originally residential and that it has transformed into retail. On the other hand, if a place has a tall height, it means that its rating was high, so since the beginning it has been commercial or it has wholesale businesses. It is also possible to understand the density of commerce and the character of the zone by watching the empty spaces created by the diminution or absence of indicators.

Workshop: Bogotá, Colombia.
Project Name:Commerce Metamorphosis
Students Name:Daniel Cely, Jaime Angel
School:Universidad de los Andes
Date: 10/10/2012

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